• Masks use in our offices is voluntary, unless required by your clinician.

    We expect that payment for services is made at the time of the appointment:*
    • Any copayment.
    • All services not covered by an insurance plan, unless an agreement is made with the provider in advance.
    • Any amount remaining after insurance has paid may be paid at the time of service, or may be billed to the patient/client.
    • We accept:  cash, checks or money orders, debit/credit cards.
    • Financial assistance information is below.
    We expect that you pay your bill in full upon receipt.  If you have questions or concerns, ask your therapist.
    Accounts that have active balances remaining without a payment for 60 days or more are subject to a $20.00 per month billing fee.
    Excessively late accounts may require that we cancel any further appointments.
    Billing or financial questions?  Please contact your clinician.  
    In partnership with the communities we serve, our host churches, and our counselors, we do work to make counseling services as affordable as possible by offering:
    • An adjusted fee scale for those who are unable to pay the full cost of care.  
    • We also provide scholarship funds to those who qualify.  
    • Flexible payment plans.  We do not charge any finance or rebilling fees on accounts paid in full, or if you make regular payments on an approved plan.  
    NOTE:  All adjusted fees, scholarships, and payment plans are approved on a case-by-case basis.  Availability is limited.  Ask your therapist for more information and to find out if there is any assistance available in your situation.