• EAP plans can be a very useful tool for employees and family members to access some short-term counseling benefits.  Typically, EAP plans are provided free to you.  Not all employers have EAP plans, but you can contact your employer for more information.  Many EAP plans will cover a limited number of sessions, but you might be able to use your insurance plan(s) to pay for additional therapy if needed.  

    Some of our therapists accept some EAP plans.  Like insurance plans, it varies widely in terms of EAP plans are accepted by each therapist, and what benefits each EAP plan provides. 
    Because of the way in which EAP plans are handled, please note:  
    • The therapist you see much agree to use the EAP plans in advance.
    • We will only bill EAP plans when services are pre-authorized by the EAP.
    • EAP plans often will automatically deny to pay for services unless they are pre-authorized, and specific rules are followed.  
    • We require that you make arrangements for use of insurance benefits or be responsible for the bill in the event that the EAP plan denies payment.