• CCNPS's team is intentionally diverse in training, expertise, therapeutic styles and life paths; this helps us better serve each client’s personal preferences and needs. 
    CCNPS’s clinical staff includes psychologists, mental health counselors, clinical social workers and marriage and family therapists, as well as specialists in child mental health, ethnic minorities, and developmental disability.
    We are experienced, compassionate guides committed to joining you where you are right now, so you can start to uncover insights and actions that can lead toward desired changes.         

    For clients who wish to explore spirituality or religion within the context of their therapy, we have therapists who are also ministers and pastoral counselors. 


    CCNPS was founded in 1983 on the model of Christian service ministry, seeking to express our faith through acts of service to others. Our therapists represent a wide range of spiritual beliefs and practices, including some who are also ministers and pastoral counselors. Clients who wish to explore spirituality or religion within the context of their therapy are welcome to do so.  We welcome and honor the beliefs and faith practices of all people.  All of our staff continue to share dedication and passion for service to our clients and larger communities.

    Each clinical staff member has their own page with specific information about their practices.  Select a name at right under "counselors" for more information.

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