• Churches Hosting Counseling Offices


    Our counseling programs would not be possible without the key supports we receive from our Host Churches.  Each church congregation generously provides space for our offices, in-kind and/or some monetary supports.  This allows us to further our mission to support people in their own development, even when they may not be able to pay the full cost of care.  Our mission complements the churches' own missions well.  We help people further their own emotional growth so they may be better able to focus on other areas of their lives, including their own spiritual life.  When emotional and behavioral difficulties interfere with a person's spiritual development, church leaders, members, and members of the larger community can refer patients to our counseling centers to address these issues which interfere with their spiritual growth.  
    You can find out more about how to contact, locate and find out more about each location below.  Some of the churches that host offices for us have their own web sites, and their links are listed for your convenience. 
    Lake Forest Park Church, Lake Forest Park