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  • About John Ortmeyer, Ph.D., Director Emeritus

  • John Ortmeyer, Ph.D., Director Emeritus

    John is not accepting new clients, and is accepting only very limited returning clients at this time.

    John received his doctoral degree from Northwestern University . He is an ordained Methodist minister, a licensed psychologist and a state certified Marriage & Family Therapist. He specializes in couples communication, adolescent issues, blended/step families, individual anxiety and depression issues, group therapy and does some psychological testing and EMDR.

    John is the Director Emeritus of CCNPS but still provides counseling and supportive leadership for the agency.  John works in our Snohomish office.

    Contact John at his direct number: 360-863-3843, or fax: 360-568-1654.

    Vacation and Crisis Info:  If you are a current patient, and need to see someone while John is on vacation, follow the instructions John gave you, or contact the on call clinician at 425-610-1265.