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  • About Douglas Chandler, LICSW, CMHS

  • Douglas Chandler, LICSW, CMHS

    Douglas is our Executive Director, and one of our therapists.  Douglas was trained in Clinical Social Work at the University of Washington, and is a member of the National Association of Social Workers. He works with patients of all ages, and specializes in working with children and adolescents. He has 25 years of clinical experience working in both inpatient and outpatient mental health and substance abuse counseling.  Particular areas of interest include ADHD/ADD, anxiety, mood disorders, higher-functioning autism spectrum disorders, complex medical and mental health issues, and difficult behavior problems.
    Due to the pandemic, Douglas sees clients primarily via virtual sessions.  Contact him for the most current information regarding appointments.  
    Please note:  While he has experience with substance abuse disorders, Douglas is not currently a licensed or certified Chemical Dependency Professional, and is unable to provide substance abuse assessments/counseling.
    Douglas works in our SnohomishEverett and Mount Vernon offices.  
  • Douglas works in our Snohomish and Mount Vernon offices.   
    Contact Douglas for either office at: 
    Phone: 360-708-9595
    Text message*: 360-602-1595
    If you are a current patient, and need to see someone while Douglas is on vacation, you may contact the covering clinician via the on-call system at 360-610-1265.
  • Hours Of Service

    Day Hours Location
    Monday By Appointment Mount Vernon
    TuesdayBy Appointment Snohomish
    WednesdayBy Appointment Mount Vernon
    ThursdayBy Appointment Mount Vernon
    FridayBy Appointment Mount Vernon
    SaturdayClosedt Closed
    SundayClosed Closed
  • *Email and text-messaging are highly efficient ways to reach Douglas. However, while these forms of communication may frequently be used for private conversations, it is important to note that such messages are by nature, not private. As such, he cannot guarantee your privacy for any information sent this way.  While Douglas has never become aware of anyone intercepting his electronic communications, it is possible. If this is a concern for you, then please contact him by telephone instead. 

    **In order to protect patient privacy, our fax machine is located only in the main business office. The fastest route to get documents to Douglas is to send them directly via US Mail to his clinical office location.


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