• Are you looking to volunteer? Do you want to leverage your valuable time to support a worthy group? Do you want to make a real difference in your community? Then, you might consider joining us! Because our mission is focused clearly on the mental health of those in our communities, your efforts in support of our agency will have a direct impact on our ability to help others.

    Consider joining our Board of Directors! Like all nonprofit agencies, we are led by a volunteer board. These board members generously give of their time, energy and enthusiasm in providing leadership and support to our programs.

    We are looking for some people who are interested in making a real difference in the lives of others, and who believe in our mission. There is a greater need now than ever for effective, meaningful mental health care in our country. Even in the days of increased numbers of people covered by health insurance, too many cannot afford to pay the cost of care.

    The board and staff are a great group of people to work with, and I think that anyone who finds board membership/volunteering fulfilling would enjoy our agency.

    Anyone with a desire to help in such a capacity would be welcome to apply— but we are especially interested in these defining characteristics: 1) Those that have a passion for fundraising for those in need, and 2) People whose lives have been in some way, touched by mental illness—and have a special understanding of the needs of those we serve.

    There are two main functions for our board—leadership/oversight for our programs, and fundraising. We don’t do a lot of fundraising… But it is essential for what we do.  My longer term goal is to raise money solely for uncompensated care— to help those who cannot pay for all of their own counseling. 

    If you are interested in discussing the mission of CCNPS and the possibility of lending your energy and expertise to us, please contact me.


    Douglas Chandler LICSW

    Executive Director