Our Service Ministry, in Partnership with our Community

CCNPS partners with the host churches and others in our community to help meet the counseling and spritual needs of those in our region.  This includes those who do not have insurance and may not be able to pay for the entire cost of care.  To this end, the host churches provide the counseling space for our staff as well as other in-kind and/or monetary supports.  Others in the community do likewise.  The staff offer a portion of their own time in donation to provide this needed ministry.  Financial arrangements and assistance include: 
  1. We accept most insurance plans.
  2. Patients may be allowed to make payments over time, possibly with a generous timeframe to complete payments on the patient account.  Accounts are held without interest, and no rebilling fees are applied when regular payments are made on the patient account.*
  3. Counselors volunteer to offer a reduced cost, when possible through the use of an adjusted-fee scale for those patients who are unable to pay for the full cost of care.*
  4. When available, there may also be some limited scholarship funds available from the Storehouse Fund or Silent Samaritan Women's Fund.  Both of these funds are completely donor supported.  The Storehouse Fund is used for any patient who qualifies.  The Silent Samaritan Women's Fund helps to pay up to the full cost of counseling for women who are struggling to recover from Domestic Violence or other serious situations.*
 * NOTE:  All fee and payment adjustments are managed by each individual counselor.  Patients who wish to request financial assistance should discuss their situation directly with their counselor.  Scholarship funds when available, are limited.