I am an authorized MEDICARE provider.  However, many people receive their Medicare benefits through private companies.  In order to accept patients with Medicare coverage under a private company, I also must be contracted with that company.  So I might  be able to see you under your plan.  

  • STANDARD MEDICARE:   I can accept this plan.  Your share of the cost might be different than your share of the cost of a doctor's appointment.  
  • MEDICARE ADVANTAGE, AND MEDIGAP PLANS:   If you use a "MEDICARE ADVANTAGE" (an insurance company or HMO) or MEDI-GAP (supplemental plan), I might be able to accept your plan.  To prevent unnecessary costs to you, it is very important to check with your insurance company to make sure that I am covered under your plan.
  • Group Health Cooperative Medicare plans:  I can accept your plan.  I can schedule your appointment as soon as I have an authorization from Group Health.  
  • OTHER INSURANCE AND MEDICARE PLANS:    If you have a typical insurance plan along with Medicare, I may be able to accept both.  You will need to check with both your insurance plans to make sure.
  • MEDICARE AND MEDICAID PLANS:  If you have both of these plans, also known  as "dual eligible", then I am unable to see you.  Federal regulations which affect how these plans are administered have forced me to no longer accept these cases.  I apologize for any inconvenience.